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If you've been looking for an
anxiety clinic  that offers
anxiety counselling to get you back
to live life to the fullest and not only 
being stuck in survival mode, 
[online and in person sessions]

look no further. We are the experts to
support you on your healing journey.
Enough is enough...

STOP anxiety right here and now.

STOP guilt and shame

STOP overwheM

STOP negative thinking

STOP fear and worry

STOP self-sabotage & self-Harm

STOP burnout in its roots

STOP self-blame

Stressed Woman
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Start  to  feel...

full of energy and joy

clear in your mind

less tired
full of positivity about yourself
accepting yourself


Happy young woman sitting on sofa at hom

You can't loose...give it a go now
online & in person therapy sessions

It's your time...

Anxiety stops here.
Only 3 Sessions & your life
will be changed with this amazing

memory - reconsolidating therapy.
I've got you.

What others say...

Her reputation for professionalism, empathy, and practical guidance makes her a top choice for anyone seeking personal growth and support.

 Debbie's caring, compassionate and professional manner set me at ease straight away. The results that I've experienced through Debbie's counselling and use of the TRTP process have been amazing and are changing my life.

Debbie is one of those rare Therapists who can create long lasting change in you.

I highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a counsellor or a coach and definitely if you would like to be freed from anxiety and depression or PTSD without being re-traumatised, which Debbie can help you achieve through the TRTP process.

I felt a sudden release and peace. It was almost like I moved through the stages of grief all in one session. If you're battling any emotions that are just sticking and you can't move out of it, then I highly recommend seeing Deb.

Debbie offered the TRTP program which I then completed. It was totally life changing for me. I felt compacted trauma that had been stuck in my body, dis-regulating my nervous system start to leave, like pieces of a Jenga puzzle being taken out piece by piece. I now have so much more to give and feel free from the chains that I wasn’t even completely aware were holding me back. Wow Debbie is one of a kind. She’s a gifted Counsellor/ Coach and a real Woman of God who I admire and respect. Debbie is wise and experienced and has a gentle yet bold way about her. I have referred several women to her and will continue to do so. I can’t recommend her highly enough. What a Godsend her counselling has been to me

As a current athlete competing at State and National level in Masters Olympic Weightlifting, I was introduced to Debbie to help me deal with my emotions and mindset to help me stay on track with my sport in weightlifting as so much of my success is dependent on my headspace and self belief.


Debbie has been able to coach me through the vital steps needed to address the raw - brokenness and wounds from the past so I can believe that I am enough and I am worthy to safely step into my future success not just with my sport but my personal growth moving forwards.

Debbie has been such a valuable asset to my mental space as she has given me the tools I need to heal and step out with self belief knowing I’ve already won gold. 


I would highly recommend Debbie and her services to any athlete that is struggling to progress in their sport and they don’t know why. Debbie will help you break down your headspace and take you on a journey that you’ll never imagine was possible so that you can come back stronger and greater and better than you’ve ever been before. 

The outcome...
  • Improved self-esteem

  • reduced panic attacks

  • enhanced coping skills

  • better emotional regulation

  • increased relaxation

  • healthier relationships

  • greater self-awareness

  • higher productivity and focus

  • overall improved mental well-being are common outcomes after anxiety therapy

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Don't hesitate any longer...
Single online or in person session $119 (45-60 min)
TRTP - Process (all included) $1200
I'm looking forward to see you to...
 to increase your Focus, Joy, Self-acceptance 
with Ease.
Let's do this...
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Ready to stop self-sabotage once and for all and start living a productive, Happy and healthy life? CALL NOW>>>
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